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The Green Man is a beautiful 16th Century Freehouse located on the River Blackwater.

The Green Man at Southminster is a historic pub dates which dates back to late 1700 and passed on from generation to generation over the years. Now the pub is a freehold managed by Michael and his wife Lorraine, who draw on their vast experience in catering to preserve its historic features, as Michael, who was Chef under the former landlord and has been at the Green Man for over 15 years, emphasises.

“Here at the Green Man, myself and my wife work hard to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and preserve the history of this renowned pub. Since acquiring the pub we have uncovered its original flagstones and are using these to help retain the Green Man’s old fashioned pub style. The exposed oak beams and whitewashed ceilings are testimony to the way the pub has been preserved. A large Inglenook fireplace beckons our guests to warm themselves on winter nights and enjoy the atmosphere that lends itself perfectly to hearty conversation over a pint or two.

“The pub’s history is rather exciting. To my knowledge this pub used to be called the smugglers inn before its changed to the green man which during that time the so called smugglers used to draw to this place to plan their illicit crossing to Holland. The quayside down by the pub was notorious to working men and used to smuggle mostly wool as early as 1361, the quayside now a pleasure marina where most of our summer trade comes from where boats sail down the east coast. and as soon as they dock in Bradwell the phone does not stop ringing with most weekends pub will be full of people visiting the famous green man on the waterside. After the smuggling era, the pub was used as a morgue and till now we have a wooden table that used to be a laying out table where they used to put coffins on it till they took them away- we still call it the coffin table.”

Overall, trade differs throughout the year but, as Michael concludes, the level of service clients can expect does not.

“Summer and winter are completely different at the Green Man. In summer you have people sailing into Bradwell, whereas in winter you have the regular visitors that, come rain or shine, will always support us, whether they are looking for a family meal or a drink after work to meet up with friends. We also get a lot of local business man and tradesmen. The friendly atmosphere we provide is an achievement that we are very proud of proves that honest hard work is fruitful and our mission continues to provide good quality food and best service with a smile, whether a nice pint of Adnams or a good quality Sunday roast. Ultimately, we thrive to be the best in our area and it shows as when people from the neighbourhood have visitors they come running in the green man to show off their village pub.”

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This lovely old pub has something to offer everyone and Proprietors Michael Debono and Lorraine Pace and their team look forward to welcoming you the next time you visit Bradwell on Sea.

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